Of course, you guys deserve many more likes than the handful shown above. You’re wonderful! No, that’s an understatement. You’re fabulous! Nope, still not good enough. Getting the picture?.Your crisp professionalism is a breath of fresh air in the mediocrity our current society seems to embrace. Your steadiness and firm understanding of your job moved Paul H. through his recent surgery and rehab so smoothly (thanks to Brie, whose face we miss; special thanks to Shady, and special mention to Bonnie).

Your willingness and courage to include me only served to enhance Paul’s experience and accelerate his healing process. We had a couple of setbacks with a delay in PT orders, an 8-week muscle spasm, and a suture abscess; and there you were, steady through it all.As I mentioned this morning, there’s no real way to thank you. After all, you’re doing your job. You either like it or don’t, but you put on your happy face to see people in pain (and sometimes their hysterical spouses) every day. Thank you for smiling through when you could have just as easily have made me shut up and stand in the corner (as you know other “professionals” have during this process).

Thank you for listening and providing my husband exactly what he needed for physical and emotional comfort when he needed it, all the while decreasing the stress of the situation with your calm steadiness. Dr. Bowman sets the tone for the office, and IT WORKS! I love Tigard Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic…IT WORKS!