Our highly specialized medical staff are experienced in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment options available. Whether you’re an elite athlete with a serious injury or a worker who has suffered a serious injury on the job – our team will help you return to work and to an active lifestyle quickly and safely. Tigard Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic, is a physician owned practice, is committed to providing you with the highest level of orthopedic medical care possible. This commitment is one reason why Tigard Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic maintains such high level of patient satisfaction.

If you have been injured at work, we provide a range of services that will get you back into the work force. We communicate closely with your employer, workers compensation adjuster or your attorney to explore modified work, time off from work if necessary and help you migrate back to work from your work related injury. Work injuries can be challenging however with our outpatient physical therapy, your rehabilitation program will also enhance your recovery so you may return to an active and healthy lifestyle.


In your search you may hear many terms such as bone doctor, orthopedic surgeon, orthopedic specialist, and or a sports medicine specialist/surgeon who will repair your injury successfully. Finding that local orthopedic doctor that you TRUST with your healthcare is why you are so important to us – contact us today to schedule your orthopedic consultation.

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